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Welcome To SC Tracking Solutions Registration Process….This will take just a few minutes and you will be registered for ALL SCTS contracted cities.

  1. There is no fee to register with SC Tracking Solutions. Certain water purveyors may allow SCTS to collect registration/permit fees on their behalf to save you a trip, you will be prompted if this happens during the report entry process.
  2. 1 Account, 1 Professional, 1 Email Address……Professional licenses must be declared for each licensee during registration for each company and/or technician/inspector that intends on doing work within SCTS cities. Individuals that work for multiple companies will need a SCTS account and separate email address for each company unless you are a trap transporter and/or disposal company. You will be prompted for these items shortly, please make sure they are all current.
  3. Remember that you will only need to register each company once, but you will always need to return to enter the results of your inspection. IF YOU DO NOT it will be up to the AHJ to determine your work status within their city.

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